Alıntı: Tom Holt - The Portable Door

Neville lit a cigarette. "Up to you," he said. "Far as I can tell, victims of Danny Corbett syndrome tend to make out all right in the long run. My guess is, if the other party annoys the hell out of you from day one, it makes for a smooth, well-balanced relationship, because that way you sort of fast-forward through the dopey, sun-shines-out-of-his-or-her-backside phase and get to the mutually-assured-irritation stage that seems to be the default setting for all long-term human couplings, without any of the disillusionment and disappointment that everybody else's got to get through first. I mean, if you know the significant other is a monumental pain in the bum right from the starter's gun, you're spared all the pain of finding it out once you've been together for two years and spent good money on kitchen units and curtains."