detached dialogue

— Tell me. Out of thousands of gods, big and small, old and new, how many do you believe in?
— The Only One and True God.
— Just the one?
— Yes.
— Well, we're quite similar there. I just believe in one less god than you do.
— No, in this case it's a big difference. One and zero. Everything and nothing. Life and Death. Without even a speck of belief, you are lost.
— Lost? No. Others may be lost. You are found. I, on the other hand, am just... finding.


Alıntı: Terry Pratchett - Discworld - THUD!

Fun. What is it good for?

It's not pleasure, joy, delight, enjoyment, or glee. It's a hollow, cruel, vicious little bastard, a word for something sought with hilarious couples of wobbly antennae on your head and the words I WANT IT! on your shirt, and it tends to leave you waking up with your face stuck to the street.