Alıntı: Terry Pratchett - Discworld - Interesting Times

Adventure! People talked about the idea as if it was something worthwhile, rather than a mess of bad food, no sleep and strange people inexplicably trying to stick pointed objects in bits of you. The root problem, Rincewind had come to believe, was that he suffered from pre-emptive karma. If it even looked as though something nice was going to happen to him in the near future, something bad would happen right now. And it went on happening to him right through the part where the good stuff should be happening, so that he never actually experienced it. It was as if he always got the indigestion before the meal and felt so dreadful that he never actually managed to eat anything. Somewhere in the world, he reasoned, there was someone who was on the other end of the see-saw, a kind of mirror Rincewind whose life was a succession of wonderful events. He hoped to meet him one day, preferably while holding some sort of weapon.


Ass Production

You should come with a warning label.




This one goes out to you. As you're [probably not] waiting on this gods-forsaken planet as I am [possibly not] waiting for you-- hey! May your life be as interesting as mine has been, on memories mine and others'. Don't take too long, will you? I'll try not to.

Your archangel in bondage.