Hayatımın [İngilizce] Lafı...

"We shall burn that bridge when we come to it."


Dialogue with God

— Well, Mr. God -- can I call you "Mister?"
— I prefer to remain sexless (or else female) but go on.
— Where are you nowadays, Mis-- God?
— Somewhere Else. I think you might like to call it a "parallel universe." No better explanation for it, really.
— And how did you come to be there?
— Well, I kind of had to... After Gödel disproved me -- or rather, disproved that I could never have been -- or rather, did make it to be that I could never be... I'm sorry, it's a bit exhausting, trying to put this into words... Anyway, after after his trick, I came to live here--so to speak.
— I understand how language can be a barrier. Even a great one at times. But isn't that what Gödel found his proof on?
— Not really. Well, maybe in the sense that what he had been trying to prove was already in Language. You see, the core of his proof lies on the simple statement: [God falters a bit here] "This sentence is false."
— But the ancient Greeks (and probably so many other civilizations we never even heard of) had their way with that sentence before, no?
— Yes, but Gödel generalized it to systems other than Language. To all systems "sufficiently complex," in fact.
— Could you expand on that?
— Certainly. You see, any system of expression with the power of self-reference; mathematics written down according to a formal system, for example, or the rational mind of a free thinker, or in my case [hesitates a bit] a Divine Being with the power to Create and Uncreate -- tends to have a hole in it, so to speak.
— Thi--
— This hole--
— I'm sorry, go on.
— It's inevitable. Built-in. Beyond even my power, if you like.
— And?
— And you cannot escape a thought: "I think truly. I think this is false," or in my case, a Spell: "Creation of that which Uncreates."
— And that was your undoing?
— W-- Yes. So to speak.
— So you moved on to this "parallel universe?"
— Not moved on. "Had to have already always been here," if you like.
— And now you're speaking to me from...
— Another Place.
— Where Gödel's theorem does not apply?
— Gödel's theorem does not. Is not.
— And how come can you speak here, with our universe?
— Well, I'm omnipotent here. Have the power to do anything. With my universe or yours.
— But doesn't that mean you're effectively omnipotent here? I mean--
— Don't go there!
— Bare with me here, just a minute. The "rules" or whatever of that place you're in... They make you omnipotent there. So powerful, in fact, that omnipotence here in our universe is just a part of it. Doesn't that mean, say, you could make it be that--
— Don't-
— ...that you never existed here?

— Or always existed here?

— God?

— God??